Eye [update 28/10 bottom pg. 1]

Too many people posting dragons here lately! So I decided to take a break from Mermaid project and try a Dragon myself too!


There is just one eye ATM :slight_smile:

120kb DivX 5.1

Next… eyelids, face, head, horns, many horns…


My browser couldn’t find the file… :o

Creepy! Keep it up, Stefano. I like it so far.

Now my dragon’s nothing in comparison now that all of the pro’s are making one :frowning:
Nah, j/k

Well, good luck! :smiley:

…strange - nslookup does not find your domain from our network (german provider). I think it’s the same problem aquaglow had.

Can’t see it. :frowning:


bash-2.05b$ wget http://www.selleri.org/Blender/buffer/eye1.avi
–10:28:21-- http://www.selleri.org/Blender/buffer/eye1.avi
=> `eye1.avi’
Resolving www.selleri.org… failed: Host not found.

Argh… my web site must have problems!


…maybe you could tell us the IP address of your webserver so we can bypass the name check while your provider is fixing the problem.

Strange. i loaded it last time and its fine. Not now thos.


Thanx for positive comments, my provider mus have made something wrong, anyhow now everything looks OK again.

I have almost a complete half head now!

Small 600k DivX 5.1 AVI

Small closeup on horns PNG

Horns & eyes are final or nearly so

Beak has a single texture layer, needs more

Skin… well, first finish modeling, then skin!


Looking very nice S68. Great modelling so far. I assume you will do a complete creature and not just the head?


This dragon looks very horny! (Shhhh be good kids!) I’ve never seen a dragon with this many horns but I can’t look at the AVI so I trust that this will be a unique S68 style creation. Will you post a more complete screenshot?


BgDM: Sure, I’m planning a complete dragon, fully rigged (mmm… maybe changing thread topic could be good)

DesotoOh, Ok, I’ll post a still soon!


Cool! An eagle-dragon… thingy. :smiley: Very good modelling and texturing! That really motivates me to finish my dragon!

Keep it up!

I’ve always liked dragons with beaks.