Eye W.I.P

Hey guys, I’m working on making a photorealistic eye. I’m having trouble getting the sclera right though. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Yeah, if you have more details about the node set up that could help identify ways to help.
Are you using any specific resources or examples for the look you’re going for or is it just supposed to be as realistic as possible?

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ll work on adding more info about the project. I’ve seen several methods for creating eyes, but none that I found were anatomically correct. I’ve been trying to base this off of anatomy reference with the goal of making it as realistic as possible.

Here’s the current node setup for the sclera, which has been slightly modified since I made this post. It looks better, but still not quite how I’d like it. I’m pretty new to blender, so most of this is just trial and error. I know a lot could be done differently, so I’m excited to get some feedback!

Here’s an updated render.

The sss is allowing too much light into the interior of the eye, so i may fade out the sss out closer to the cornea.

The eye is divided into 3 separate pieces, A glass layer that wraps around the entire eye, the sclera, and the pupil.
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I definitely think you’re on the right track, I have a few suggestions to help.
1 - at the contact of the sclera and the iris their is a lot of SSS because of the ridge between them. So if you see a picture with the light coming from the side you’ll see a faint glow on the opposite side of the eye. I can see that there seems to be some of that in the Gif when the eye looks forward, but it would be a bit tighter to the eye and look stronger esspecially with that direct light at the bottom.
it’s a bit artificial, but this image really shows it.

2 - Their are veins in the sclera that are part of the muscle and blood flow of the eye, without them the eye often looks too clean. I’m not sure if you were hoping to do those as a separate thing, but they are actually in the sclera and a part of it, it will really help make it look more realistic to include them.

3 - The sclera is an off white much closer to yellow or pink except around the iris where it needs the white to deflect incoming light rays so that you don’t have too much light coming in on the edges of the iris.

4- Because of the elaborate inner workings of the muscles and fine movements in the eye it’s actually not smooth, the veins like vines tend to protrude just a little and the eye ball itself has slight distortions making it an approximate sphere, but not actually perfect. The iris especially is never a mathematically perfect circle it has slight stretching.

You have a great bleed from the iris though into the sclera which is excellent, the edge between them fades and isn’t sharp.

Those are my primary suggestions to help it along, but if you are hoping for some specific questions answered I’d be happy to help if I can.

Thanks for your in depth response, I’ve been taking it a step at a time with the goal of adding all of the details you’ve mentioned. I’m working on the veins now and am wondering how to transfer the bump information from the sclera to the glass layer surrounding the entire eye. Do you know what would work best for this? I’m thinking it would work better if I had done the UVs on the glass layer first, duplicated it, and made the sclera from that. Then the texture data would map exactly the same.

Theoretically I think you’d only need to add the bump on one object, The glass layer from what I understand is acting like the moisture on top of the eyeball, it’s a separate object.
I would first add the bump of the veins to the sclera and see if that is enough, and if it isn’t reacting correctly then I would unwrap this glass moisture sphere and duplicate it fitting it to the position and shape of the sclera before deleting the old one. I wouldn’t duplicate the sclera, because it appears to have a hole for the iris and that would be more complicated to fit to the glass layer.