so here’s what i’ve done so far, i started it from the ‘pixar eye’ tutorial, but then went on to add the skin, and am currently working on the eyelashes. i would apreciate any comments or criticisms, i know that the eyelashes don’t match up with the eyelid, but i’ll fix that soon, i’m currently using small triangular faces extruded for the hair, i think this is eisire than fiddeling with particles, but maybe not, let me know what you think:

You have made a great work. But the eye ain’t very realistic since it is completely round. I can’t believe that you cleared that tutorial when I tried it my eye looked like crap. Here is a image that is more realistic. http://www.ninjapowers.com/tutes/eye/eye03.jpg

Robin, thanks for the tips, i’ll use your pic to fine tune the shape, but i want a fairly cartoony appearance so it will still be big and round afterwards,

Well the main things which you should focus on are the left and right edge of the eyes. Those tend to look off if they’re completely round and smooth.

Good going so far!

Even for a cartoony eye you probably still need a top and bottom eyelid, not just one circular lid. Some cartoon eyes use two half-spheres slightly larger than the eyeball to make eyelids.