eyeball creature, want help!

hi, i recently (finally) figured out how to make an eyeball after giving up when i first started :). I decided to make a character:

I personally think that there is too much detail in the eyes, and not enough anywhere else. could someone(s) give me some good ideas of things to add?

Simple muscles so he doesn’t look like he is just an extruded box. All of his limbs including the stocks need to be bulked up. That will really improve him. Perhaps nose holes and eyelids. I think you could be unto something if you keep at it.

His lips need some more definition. Maybe just a shift-E at .8 or .9 would do the trick.

I don’t know if you want to make him realistic but if not you could add some eyebrowns flying over his eyes. How have you done the eyes? I have tried and failed so please tell me. I used the pixar eye tutorial from the blenderchar site. That sucked.

thanks a lot for the ideas, the muscles are good, the lips are good too, and the eyebrows are a good idea. Robin, as for the eyes, there are two things you have to remember:
1.turn z-transperency on
2.put a light near the iris so it gives it that nice sparkly look(i had more than 1 light and it came out real nice)
3.I used UV texturing for the eyes

womball, i loved that fish you made.
geckoee, i have never used the shift-e key before, but it works nice.
I hope to have an update soon!

heres a mini update:
i added muscle to him, very effective. The lips were kinda difficult to bring out, and im not sure its what u wanted. the eyebrowses i don’t know how to make too well, if anybody knew a good eyebrow tutorial or a good hair tutorial (one that could control hair well, like possibly a tut that could make a hair style?)

oh yeah, if you look closely there is this annoying little dot that keeps on appearing over on the left side of the nose. can anyone help with this?

Its improving, things that still need to be fixed are the eyestocks, do not look like they can hold the eyes. The muscles coudl be much better defined, I woudl suggest looking at either your own or picture of muscles. Reference is great! Just make a simplified version. If you have trouble doing this look at say Roger from American Dad, or ET that phallic looking alien. Also the mouth may work better if you remove the mesh in the red mouth area, so there is a hole. Than you add a mouth sack to block the resulting view of the interior of the mesh (it sometimes looks brighter). The mouth sack shoudl be a darker color, and perhaps a tongue and teeth? That’s up to you. But the mouth sack I think would help. Your skin coudl use a lot more complexity, and probably some slight bump mapping. In 3d head thread in the WIP section (search for it), there is a blend file of an earlier skin test. I would suggest studying how I set that up, and trying something similar, of course green instead. It might look cool.

I don’t know if you’ve watched this Blender video, but it has helped me with character modeling. If you’re using 2.37a then some of the new tools won’t be available to you, as I think Andy’s using 2.4.

http://video.blendertestbuilds.de/index.php?dir=BC2005/&file=za06b_andy.avi Right click and save as.

The eyes on your model look really good.


thanks alot ppl. u guys really wrote alot more than i thought! i wish i could take credit for the eyes (mi fav part!), but they were stolen from a eye tut. but the lighting is phenomonal and all me! thanks again and ill try to update sometime soon.

i can’t find the post of the head file womball, can u show me it?

Its called self portrait, however there is no blend file in there. :frowning: I thought there was. Hmmm. I think it must just be my fish that has a blend file on here. I guess I will post a blend file up around 2 amish EST. Yeah I dont’ sleep much now, one more week till school is done for the semester!

thanks for donating some time to me. oh by the way i made some changes:


I took away the textures (and i fixed the dot) so it wasn’t as distracting. I fixed some of the fingers. Now i am conquering the problem of correcting the eye sockets.

Your char reminds me of these guys. Look at how they have handled eyes that are extended on long string-like tenticles. Hope this helps. Keep at it you’ll get it just the way you want it. :smiley:


yes, i notice that the tenticle is thicker when getting closer to the eye. thank you for the picture, it is a good template. I already knew that i had to make the eye thicker. But, things are easer said than done.