Eyeball work again

Hi all,

Started work on my latest eye again, trying to make it look nice. I learned about Fresnel reflections, which is what the eye needs to look the best.

Current construction of the eye:
This is what I have so far. The eye is two parts - the white and the iris are the same mesh, but with two different materials mapped to each area. The Iris is a UV mapped image. The cornea is a seperate mesh set to ray transparent and set to cast no shadows. It also has fresnel reflection enabled on it. Then I just have a couple of lights, one set to “no diffuse” so it only gives a specular highlight.

The “reflection” on the white of the eye is created with ray mirror, set with Fresnel so it reflects more as it reaches the edges of the eye. The reflected image you see is actually a image texture applied to the World, and then I use the composite editor to do an “AlphaOver” to mask out the world environment and change it to all white. That way you get nice reflections on the eye but you don’t see the reflected image in the world itself in this shot.

I need help with the following…:
My only question mainly is this: I want to add some bump texture to the eye to make it more realistic even, but I need this bump texture to also appear “fresnel”, in other words, you should see the bump texture more as it reaches the edge of the eye. I was trying to use a procedural clouds to just give some variation, but I need to to be “fresneled” if that makes sense. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

Thanks for any help and crits!



I can’t help with your question - although your work is really cool.

Now I’m sure there’s a better way, but you could always use some sort of fade to mask an underlying texture. It would be ‘faking’ the effect, but would probably work in the absence of a more sophisticated method.

Good point. I thought maybe of using some sort of radial fade to stencil the texture, but it hasn’t worked yet. I think the proper solution may be to use the material nodes to do that type of effect, but I have to study more to learn how to use them properly.


Wow…that is pretty good…though i cant help with your question either.

Hi guys,

I think I was able to get it working using the node editor now. I’ve attached shots of my node setup and the new image.

Basically I set up two materials that were the exact same, except one has the texture applied to it, and then I use the node editor along with a normal mapping node, to mix the two textures together based on the “dot product” of the (the angle between the surface normal and the lamp). This then shows the texture only along the edges of the normals, so it’s a type of fresnel effect.

I changed the background to grey so it’s easier to see the eye and its reflections

Thanks for the input!

Maybe next I will try and add a red tint to the rear of the eye as well…



Nice! Looks good enough to eat!


Do you think the eyes should have SSS on them somehow? I think the white part may need some SSS. It’s hard to get “realistic” lighting and eyes in Blender…really what I need is a way to use an HDRI map, it’s the only way to get realism. (Usually for realism I use Indigo)


SSS would probably keep the white part from looking like it was made out of clay.

I did some adjustments to the SSS settings, and also added some node rendering for the Iris material too - actually I have several files, so I’m not sure if this one had the iris nodes or not, but basically it was to make the iris be shinier when light hit it.

Anyway, I am still also working on a way to get a true square specular on the lens, I think I’ll need to use composite nodes to do this also, but for now I photoshopped it.

I think it’s starting to look more realistic now…I guess I don’t expect 100% real but at least decent.

I checked again and yes, this was the one with the nodes for the Iris as well. Basically a “blend” between two materials, each the same UV mapped texture, but one with super high emit value, and then blended based on the normal dot product against the lights…

I want to somehow add a plane that emits light, and then render the eye all black except for the reflection, and then use the composite nodes to overlay the specular reflection, but I have yet to figure out how to do it.



Here’s an image again now, corrected to hopefully look more like a photo

Gamma corrected as per this tutorial:


and I changed the Iris color to green, removed the iris node, and just set it to emit very much, and set it’s spec to high to give the iris more color.

Still photoshopped to add the specular highlight on the lens there (the square thingy). The last two pics don’t have that specular cause I didnt photoshop them.



this is going to help me also…thank you

In my opinion, the square specular highlight shouldn’t be a highlight, it should be a reflection of the light source (a square light) I could be way off, but this still might be a work around to get the look you are going for.

Hi Key Shiroi, I found from this thread:


That you can just use composite nodes, and put a gamma node in before the final render, and set it to .45

scdelf: Yes that is the look I want, but I can’t get blender to give me that, since the only way is to raytrace reflect an emitting plane, but I am having trouble getting the lens to be reflective enough - if it’s too reflective it may not be transparent either…I have to experiment with it and see. Thanks for the input.


In your last post with images, if you took out the bottom one and drew a big goofy smile under the top two, it would look really cool. No, seriously, just imagine it…