eyedropper / colour select troubleshoot

hi, this is my first post. ive been using blender since 2.49. but i have never been able to get the eyedropper to work. whenever i click on the icon and then left click a colour it just turns black. i recently saw a tutorial about texture painting in 2.58 and it said you can right click to pick a colour. again this just turns the colour black. its v frustrating. either theres an option im missing or some setting on my laptop thats preventing it working. any help would be great. pls. :slight_smile:

im using 2.58 on a windows 32 vista toshiba laptop

I just tried this on my lappy which is also a Toshiba. No problems. one thing that I did notice is that if you select the default gray it will show up as black in the preview window. Other colors in the scene seem to work fine though.
EDIT I used left click, do you have your mouse buttons reversed in user preferances?

thanks for the advice, still not working for me :frowning: unless im doing something wrong.
i left click on the color selector, then left click on the eye dropper, i get the little curser appear but as soon as i left click on any color the color turns black.
is there some other setting i can check? ive tried it with different versions of blender and it doesnt work. maybe im missing something very simple. or maybe a setting on my laptop?
thanks v much

I don’t know…
Are you using an ATI mobility graphics card? If so, try using these settings from the ATI control panel under the open gl tab:

ok, still no joy. i cant seem to find anyone who had the same problem. are there any other settings in blender that need to be turned on? it very frustrating. been looking for ages for an answer. just dont know what the problem is :frowning:

well i’m on vista with intel chip set G3/G31 and got the same problem

whem i click on color i get black only

so don’t know if this is a common problem may be or a bug!

happy 2.5

woohoo… i found a solution. it is because windows is using somrthing called windows aero in display settings. i changed it to windows vista basic and now it works fine. cant belive more people not had this prob. here is a paste of what i done…

How to Turn Off the Windows Aero Color Scheme

They say Windows Aero doesn’t slow anything down on your machine, but if you can’t use the tools you need, you might need to disable it. Here’s how:
In Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Personalization > Window Color and Appearance, select a Color Scheme other than Windows Aero, them make sure you’re using “Highest (32-bit)” color, in Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Personalization > Display Settings.
You’ll lose the fancy transparent chrome effects, but you’ll be able to use Blender again.

so happy… now i can blender and texture paint till hearts content.

thanks for your help.

happy blendering.