Eyelashes ?


whats the best way to create eyelashes ?
i tried to do this wth meshes but the whole thing became very slow. what is about particles or meshes with textures ?
what is easier to handle ? are there any free textures out on the web ?

i have the feeling that particles are quite difficult to work with, cause i.e. it rather tricky to get different lengths and to control them…



relledom, check out Maciej Kotlinski’s Making of Child’s Nightmare over at CGArena. He shows his eyelash set-up in the second image from the bottom on that page.

do you think that this setup would take alot rendering time ? especially if i animate the whole thing ?

The more particles, the longer the rendering time. However, for eyelashes, you’re probably in the range of 300 or 400 total, rather than the usual 10,000 to 30,000 for a full head of hair. It probably wouldn’t be as slow to render as your earlier attempt to model the eyelashes with meshes.

just out of curiousity, does anybody have good settings for eyebrows?