Eyelid "Deformity"

So I have a problem with my character’s eyes. I’ve been searching for 2 days to correct the problem and so far no luck. Here’s the link.


It would be good if some one can tell me where I went wrong? I tried clearing it out and re painting it but I seem to fail at it every time.

Looks like vertex groups. If you go to your Object Data panel and select the L Inner Brow vertext group, click select (with all vertices deselected initially) it will select all the vertices in that group. If you pose, and pull the eyebrow down, turn the modifier on to show while in edit mode, then tab into edit on your mesh you will see 3 vertices specifically giving you troubles.

In short, even though you painted the vertices, it seems they are still getting deformed, removing them from the vertex group seems to do the trick.

You meant the subsurf modifier? Well, It’s no longer there. What other modifier you were talking about?

The armature modifier, that way you can see the deformations while in edit mode. Then I found it easiest to hide the eyebrow vertices, it’s easier to select the troubling vertices then and remove them from the group or manual set their weight (slider right below the vertex group tho not sure how to set single like in 2.49b… I’m still learning 2.54). Pics to maybe help.


Well, I’m still set in Blender 2.49 but I found the three that you were talking about. It was located in the back of the eye socket near the scattered on the three rings that makes up the inside of the socket. With that problem exterminated, I can finish this model and create…(sigh) 23 more characters for my project. Oh joy… Thanks anyway.

Okay another question. Same file, different problem. How do I make sure that the eyelid closes properly without changing the shape of the eye socket?

Would anybody like to answer this question for me?