Eyelid Troubles- Help!

Okay folks, I’d be much obliged if you’d help me out on a frustrating situation. I’m using shape keys to make this cartoon eyeball blink. I set the normal key, and then the open key, but the problem is the eyelid passes inside the eyeball partway through. Here, let me show you:


I’ve tried thickening the eyelid, exaggerating the droop on the open key, pulling the lid out on the closed key, none of it fixes it. I’m about to break something…or have an aneurysm. I did some thread searching but turned up nothing of any value to my particular problem.

Any ideas? Thanks, folks.

(For clarity, here are the open and closed keys:)



Thanks again!

I think you’ll either need to use 2 shape keys, one for closed and one for halfway or so; or you’ll want to use bones. Since the lower lid needs to rotate 90 degrees, bones might be your best bet.

If you’re using an Ipo driver for your shape keys, it should be easy enough to adapt it to drive both shape keys, if you want to stick with them.

Shape keys move verts in a straight line between beginning position and ending position. The shape key setting specifies where on that straight line to locate the vert. Bones are your best bet, or two shape keys (one for downward movement and one for backward movement, driven by ipo curve.) Check out Calvin’s cartoon eye tutorial for a similar looking set up that rotates properly.

Thanks, guys!

I know nothing about using hooks or ipo drivers for shape keys, but I’m certainly learning. That tutorial is excellent.

This place rocks thoroughly.