i was wondering if anybody new a good tutorial that covered how to make eyelids. i have no idea how to make good ones.

Hi there!

I know eyelids are difficult… I struggled also with them for some time. Just don’t give up and you’ll get there.

The following site may help for about everything:

Want to see how I began with blender some time ago, then you light want to visit my thread, click the WIP link below.


That’s a good link Wim, I’ll probably use that in future.

For eyelids, I think the easiest thing to do is to start with a sphere at the same resolution as the eye or probably better to match it to the rough number of vertices on your face model where the eyelid will go. Then scale the sphere up enough to leave a decent gap. Then delete all the unnecessary points at the back of the sphere and join the sphere onto the face. Be careful if you do this after weight painting and edge creasing because sometimes Blender will remove those on joining meshes.

Once you’ve done that, mould the shape of the spherical eyelid into a more realistic shape. This way if you animate it, it should follow the surface of the eye better. You can animate with shape keys but I prefer bones so I would place a bone with the root at the centre of the eye and rotate the eyelid round that point. Normally you find that the Western eyelid isn’t curved the same as a sphere - I think Asians eyelids are more like that so all you would do is weight certain parts of the lid differently.

If you don’t leave the gap I said above, you will get some intersection. Finally when you have the right eyelid shape, extrude the edge of the eyelid inwards to conceal this gap.

thanks for the suggestions! that website was also useful and had very cool to look at. i looked at some of the texturing tutorials, and would ya lok at that? textures look easier now (even tho they can be complex, still)