Eyes and Rigify

So, I’m super new to rigify feature and I have a problem with animating eyes. What I have already done:

  • made a mesh, eyes are part of it.
  • Added a Metarig, the more detailed one, with fingers and facial bones
  • Deleted all facial bones exept for those meant for eyes, because I’m gonna animate face with key shapes
  • Generated rigify rig, parented body to it and cleaned weights
  • and only then I notised there are no eye controllers in the rig.
    But! There are bones in the bone list named Eye.R and Eye.L and my eyeball weights are assigned to them. I can also see this bones in one of the normally hidden layers, so I suppose adding new ones is not an option.
    So my question is how to add controls to my eyes without messing everything up or starting from scratch.

Hi, i think you probably deleted the bones controlling the eyes. i suggest you start again and leave the facial rig, generate rigify and then delete the bones you don’t need.
You will have to make sure you have deleted all the objects that were generated in previous attempts.

so normally there should be all the facial controllers after I hit rigify? Oh…

Yes if you have used the metarig with the facial bones you will have all the controls genrated.

Ok, thank you!

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