eyes are going downhill

Hey, I used to have 20-20 vision, but now it’s hard for me to read the clock from across the room. I think it’s because of how much more I use the computer now that I’m in high school. Has this happened for anyone else? What do people do to keep this from getting worse?

I don’t know if it has to do with computer use, especially if it’s lcd monitors, but mine (one of them in particular) are getting worse as well…

I always had a bad right eye, and I got laser surgery and it’s 20/20 on the right eye and I’m medium on the left eye. It sure takes a while getting used to using the right eye doing all the important stuff.

My doctor told me to stand up every 30 minuets, and go stare at something in the distance for at least 2 minuets before going back to work.

Interesting. What do you mean by “distant” though?
And does it just maintain your vision/prevent it from worsening? It wouldn’t improve it, I imagine.

What do you mean by “distant” though?
As in , not near. i usually go outside and try to focus on tree leafs that are 20-50 yards away.

the exercise is to keep my eyes from deteriorating. It also helps out my mouse hand, and gets blood to circulate better to my legs.

During the week I put in 8-16 hour days, I used to stay at my post, and only get up at lunch break and sometimes i would take the afternoon break.
A few years ago I started noticing my legs falling asleep, and my eye site getting blurry. Some days it felt like i had sand in my eyes. After taking the doctors advice I stopped having any problems.

It really improved my mood too, I dont loose my temper as much now. Funny thing is, I get just as much work done as before.

Mmph speeks da trooth.

Even working by a window helps. Every time you stop to think about something, look out the window and focus on something in the medium to long distance. You will notice a difference and reduce eye strain and fatigue.

My site is 20/200, im legally blind xD (it just means I can’t drive without lenses)

I can’t see anything 5 feet from my head… it’s kinda sad when my own feet are blurry… that’s not the only thing down south blurry! xD

Yeh Mmph has it right. Its just like normal muscles, if you neglect them theyll deteriorate. And with your eyes, u cant really ‘regrow’ muscles.

I worry about my eyes a lot, i dont want to damage my vision with all the computer work i do.

You just have to stare at distant stuff occasionally, that should help.

my eyes slowly get worse too but i am not sure if this just happens because of computer work. i asked some non-computer worker friends and their eyes got worse too with age.

yeah, looking into far distance occasionally for sure isn’t bad. looking into the sun with closed eyes seem to be good for my eyes too.

Well I found some random website, http://www.improveyourvision.com/

There are tons of them on google search.

This has happened to me. A few years ago a had about 20:12 vision. By now, it is around 20:20. Still normal, but to me it seems as though I can’t see as much anymore. :frowning: If I try I can get my old vision back, but with relaxed eyes, I can’t read books from across the room anymore.

The same was true for my parents, but luckily they have pretty good vision still (like 20:22 or so) which bodes well for me as I age. I just wish I could prevent it the decay… I’ll try to do what Mmph! said more often.

I can’t read books anymore because if I read for more than 15 to 20 minutes the words look like they are floating above the page and they blur out. I have to usually do all of my reading on the PC. I think it just comes with age :slight_smile:

My vision was 20:24, now its 20:18

Could be worse.

I have a fun little condition called Ectatic Corneal Distrophy, also known as carrot-eyes. I use to have great vision, then one day I woke up and couldn’t see anything.

My corneas are phsyically warped to a point that corrective lenses cannot help me.

There are 2 options.

  1. Hard Contacts which force my corneas into a more normal shape. Hard contacts suck!! They’re painful, and make your eyes dry out very quickly. I can’t keep them in for more than an hour without them just plain falling out.

  2. Corneal Transplant - as in, some dead persons corneas in my eyes, plus the added scariness of rejection. I’m waiting until medical science can grow them from my own tissue cells.

So look on the bright side, you have some normal vision loss. Happens to most everyone. At least you don’t have to have some dead persons eyes in your head!

@ Mmph! : As in , not near. i usually go outside and try to focus on tree leafs that are 20-50 yards away.

I do the same and its working fine for my eyes. :cool:

I did not know that there is anything wrong with my vision until I tried my wife’s glasses which are -1 and it amazed me to be able to read prices while sitting in the middle of the food court!
The thing is that only + glasses are for sale in the drug stores … for the - (minus) ones you need to see a specialist.
I feel lucky to have made it so far without wearing glasses but its on my to-do list :slight_smile:

From my own experience a drop of vision during or after puberty I can tell that it sucks…

Got my sharpshooters certificate from the british army at 14… a year later I had to wear glasses… then I discovered computers and didn’t care anymore. In between I had no idea my vision was lestening, this combined with my innability to recognise faces correctly made for a fun year: “what do you mean, at this distance I should be able to see the leaves of the tree in the back of the garden? where’s the cat? I need to know otherwise I might hit it instead of the bottle of soda in front of the logs, not that I miss at this distance but cats and soda should never be in the line of fire at the same time.”

I have no idea if there could be such a thing as puberty onset myopism, or if its just genetics.

My dad got lazy eyes at 50 (too much computer use combined with stress), and had to “retrain” his eyes.