eyes - - how to animate them

hi guys ime learning pretty fast here using this site and have done most basic things
now i want my mouse charecter to have a bit more well charecter i have placed eyeballs in his eye sockets now how do i create a point which both eyes look towards (like ludwig)
tutorials are welcome
and thanks again guys


For eyes, I would use an empty, and a Track to constraint.


Example (Simple)

Best of Luck!

thats a nice example thank you sooo much i dont understand how it works yet lol but i soon will
another great example of the support u can expect on this awesome forum:)
thanx again


In a nutshell - since you have already modeled the eyes:

  1. spacebar…add…empty
  2. select one of the eyes
  3. shift select the empth
  4. Ctrl t - add track to constraint

Now press a to de-select everything, select the eye again, and press F7. Now you will be looking at the constraint panel at the right of the buttons window. Depending on how the eye is oriented, you may need to change some of the options to the constraint, such as Z up instead of Y up.

Best of Luck!

sorry if i seem dumb lol but when i do what u told me (which was very easy to follow thanx)
the eye jumps out of the socket and when i move the constraint the eye rotates around the whole model and no matter how much i fiddle with the constraint panel it wont act like an eye
i guess this is because i used wings 3d to do my modeling your welcome to the blend file its not a brilliant model so ime not frightened of losing it lol


Not to worry - I had actually thought of including a caveat in my last reply, but did not want to throw too muc information at you, that may not be necessary. So, the assumption I am going to make is that you have your eye sitting at the location that you want, scaled to suit, and rotated correctly. When ever you rotate and scale on object, it is remembered. So, select the eye, then press the n key. You will see a little window come up that has all of the transformation of your object.

  1. Take not of the scale and rotation numbers
  2. Press Ctrl a, to applly scale and rotation. This resets the transformation numbers for scale and rotation, and generally speaking puts the object at rest with respect to rotation and scale.
  3. now select the object, then the empty, and press ctrl t to create the constraint.

Let me know if this corrects the issue. If not, I’ll ask you to upload a file for me to take a look at.

Best of Luck!

The object center of the eye needs to be at the center of rotation as well. Things could get goofy if the object center is say, at the character’s feet. :stuck_out_tongue:

ok so now the eyes stay in his head hoorayy but the pupipils dont point towards the empty
the pink axis thing that is although its clear that apart from that its working fine
i can clearly see the spheres rotating in unison with the emty or constraint its one of those right lol

haha turns out if i put the pink axis thing at the cahrecters feet he looks forward soo how do i fix this ? sorry ime dumb lol

ok heres the thing my eyes now work perfectly but (yes theres a but) i think i did it in a way that may cause me problems later i selected each eye in turn went into edit mode and rotated them manualy to look towards the point i wanted now i can use the empty to controll the eyes perfectly

please tell if u will encounter any problems as it stands thanx for the help guys (especialy oby ron)