Eyes in a socket...

I’m trying to figure out how to put an eyeball into a socket. I have a dragon-head all modelled out and am trying to make a simple eyeball to make it look less creepy but the eyeball always pushes through the skin. How can I contain it within the eye-hole/socket? Am I missing something? Any help would be most appreciated.

Generally the area around the eye is modeled first (eye lids, etc. - i don’t know all the terms :P), and then an eyeball is modelled (realistic ones aren’t exactly round; they usually bulge near the iris (correct term? :P)), placed in the socket, and grouped to the body/head.

If it sticks out too far, you should try pushing it in a little, or if that doesn’t work, model the ‘around the eye’ part to fit to the eye, so that it doesn’t look pushed out. Sorry, that’s a terrible explanation :-p


I’m doing the same now. some hints: remember the skin has thickness, so the skin comes up to the eyeball and folds out; the underside of the skin is what contacts the eyeball. The mesh for the side of the skin just ends inside the eyball, and thus will appear as tho the eyeball is always in contact no matter how it rotates.

See the Pixar eyes tute for eyeball shapes and parts.

Take a closeup picture of an eye to see the tear duct part and the intricate folding that happens on the outside.