Eyes, Mouth and Nose problems when animating

Greetings, I’ve setup my model, rigged it and have begun weight painting.

I have some trouble, when I move my character head in Pose Mode the eyes follow the head as expected but they deform. It’s funny to play with but not good for in game use.

I’ve included an image of the default position and an example of what it does when I move the head.

Info on my model:
Head is one object. The eyes are textures not individual objects.
I have weight painted the entire head red to the Head Bone.

Any tips appreciated, thank you! :slight_smile:

Select your head bone vertex group in edit mode. Check each vertex to make sure no other bones have any influence on them. In edit mode, vertex weights will be in the N-Panel/Vertex Weights. You will see a list of all bones that a vertex is weighted to, and there weight values. Delete unwanted weights from offending bones.

Good luck!

Perfect! THank you, I selected the Neck bone and in Weight paint mode I saw it was affecting the face. Put it to zero and it works perfectly! THANK YOU :slight_smile: