Eyes of the head

Hi and i want the eyes to move with the bone and at the same time look at the empties .

allready know how to constrain them to the empty , but whenver i attach the eyes to the head and make it being affected with the bone , the empties can work …

please help


I would actually like to hear more about your setup and reasons for doing it this way. Is there an advantage you get from using empties instead of bones?

i didn’t follow any tut , just thought of empties , ok , i will try bones … thanks .

Oh okay, yeah I would recommend doing the whole setup with just bones within the same armature. This will also make things more organized in the action editor when animating, since Blender tends to like to make a single action for each armature, and object animation is handled a little differently. There is also the potential for refresh problems when you leave the bounds of the armature so it is best to do so only when absolutely necessary.

The way I like to set it up is to have an eye bone for each eye which the eye objects are directly parented to. Those bones are then parented to the head bone so they follow along, and have the tracking or IK constraints applied to them. This keeps all the mechanisms nice and tidy within the armature and prevents any external-to-internal entanglements :wink: