Eyes on the Road - An Animated Short

So basically, I had to make an animation with a psa or moral. I decided to bass it off of the idea of keeping eyes on the road (hence the name) and not on, say, a mobile phone. I really hope you enjoy! It isn’t the absolute best quality as I only had about 3 weeks to do it! Please share it with someone who you think may like it because I put tonnes of effort and at least 80 hours of time into it! <3 Thanks, enjoy!

Also tell me how to improve my skills :slight_smile:

I like the low poly look of this. As for improving skills, its better to do many small jobs and concentrate on animation poses, blocking. Look at 11 second club.

You also need to create natural movement as well, the animation is slow. Also you need to lower your volume. Never let the sound effects be louder than the audio soundtrack.

Yeah, the animation looks like it wasn’t tweaked enough. As a result, it looks pretty slow and unnatural (trust me, I’ve been through this before).

The sound effects are also quite loud. So the mixing needs a bit of work too. I like the overall style, but the rest needs a bit of work.

I agree… but any how… good try. we should encourage this man