Eyes pupils are not following properly the ik constraints when head rotates 180 degr.

I am learning rigging and i am using my recently created model. A lot of problems here but currently i am trying to figure out why pupils are not following properly ik constrains when head rotated 180 degrees. First three bones close to the eyes which you see here on the photo are controlling the rotation of the eyes. Another three bones which are far from eyes are controlling eyelids. The middle bone between two eyecontrollers parented to the head bone because this bird will be animated so i want all of the controllers follow the bird when its flying.

I watched 4 different tutorials about eyes rigging but none of them helps me here.

Look at the eyes pupils before head rotates -

And this is eye pupils when head rotated 180 degrees. So pupils are looking INSIDE THE MESH now -


The middle bone between two eyecontrollers parented to the head

And why he is not rotating with your head bone if he is parented, have you unchecked inhered rotation, that could be the reason.

The middle eye control bone have to rotate with your headbone because the ik bone track to the smaller eye control bone which are parented to the main eye control bone.

hope that make sense.


No. Middle bone rotates with the head actually. The problem is that eye pupils are pointing inside of the mesh after the head rotates

so when the head makes 180 degrees rotation i see back of the eyeballs…and pupils are pointing inside of the mesh

Ok i took a look in your file.

  1. the eye objects have many vertex groups, they should have only the eye ik bone.
    2.the eye ik bones are not parented to the right bone, they should parented to the head bone

In addition, your model have to many polygons to animate it in a proper framerate.


Thanks a lot. It solved a problem. I learned now something new. I think that my eyes had two many vertex groups is because maybe i unparented them from the main body after it was parented to the armature. Not shure now how exactly it happened but i think yes that was the reason. Second interesting thing is that i didnt know that vertex groups can affect the mesh even if they dont have weights, even if they are empty. So now i will know that. And also when i was deleting vertex groups from my eyes i notices that thay had also a shape keys which also had been left from the main body so i deleted shape keys from eyes (because they belong to the body). About parenting to the wrong bone i knew that. I changed the bone because was experimenting and trying to solve the problem.

About polygons…i dont know, if i dont use subdiv surface on this model it doesnt look nice. I think my comp should cope with this. 16 GB Ram. If not than i will get back to the blend file where subsurf modifier is not applied and i will take that low poly model.

Thank you. Next time will not repeat same mistake.

Next time will not repeat same mistake.

Haha i do the same mistakes very often again and again before i get it.

About your polycount, reduce it. I have a very poweful hardware setup but to get a fluid framerate is a very clean and low topology nessecary.

I am pretty sure you will make your experience, try and error is the best teacher.