Eyevan the great!!!!!!!1

Here is the game that i am working on. any help would be appreciated.
obviously incomplete:(,
it has crappy graphics, but ill fix that later. heres some screenshots::yes:


here is the 1st level. (incomplete):rolleyes:
edit: these are terrible renders!!!
but dont worry, they’ll get better.
(ok, maybe i wont develop it…



the things that stand out the most to me:
-these are renders. no in game shots? I suggest getting a semi-functional demo working before updating (it needn’t be complicated- just proof that you can go somewhere with this. for example, one partially functional level)
-I suggest getting rid of the spec on everything, as it just gets in the way.
-the monster is extremely high poly for the amount of detail you get. instead of however many sides you have in your circles (for the arms, for example) a 5 or 6 sided circle would do.

yeah, captain oblivion has some good points, lower the polycount on your character, and also post ingame shots not renders. also, setsmooth on all the objects so they dont look so jagged, and the normals on the skybox and terrain are pretty wacky. also, you shouldnt use a single repeating texture on your character, thats fine for terrain though. so with a few fixes i think it’ll be a good project if you keep workin’ on it

ya, i know there is a ton of work to be done on it, but i think i picked the wrong time to post this:o. first of all, its not even close to finished(obviously), and second, i am going to be really busy pretty soon, so i really should not have posted it yet. However, i do have an updated version with the set smooth and the lower-poly character. i will post it here when its ready.:cool:

I know its a retarded question, but, how do i do in-game shots?:o


there, download the free version it works perfectly

If you’re running Windows, you can press Print Screen to copy a screenshot directly to the clipboard.

ok, so i added a fireball thing:cool:. press f to shoot it, then i have a box that when you run into it will trigger a tutorial type thing and you shoot the targets with fireballs. i cant post it right now cause i am not on MY computer. but does anyone know how do i make a setting for the character to lock on to the nearest target?:confused:

One thing that might help tremendously is to select the terrain and select Set Smooth in edit buttons.

ya i kno, i alredy did that. i jus havnt had time to post it yet. thanks though

I think it would be possible to have your character have a near sensor and a keyboard sensor (Space for instance). Have Your Near Sensor and Your Keyboard sensor connected to an AND controller, and then have a Track To Sensor to the person you want to work with. Then if you are near it, it will automatically lock on to him when you press space.
Hope it helps.

Have you ever tried vertex painting. It makes terrain look a lot better.

like i said…no time. i cant get on my computer very often right now, and on top of that, my internet service shut down on me, so i have to use friends computers to get on here. but i barely have time for that. i have improved much on the game though (for the time that ive had.) i messed with the terrain and made a better, lower poly character and made him able to shoot fireballs.
its still not very good, but i am working to make it much better.

Well that’s good.

ok, i got my internet running, and i have some advancements in the game, but not much.
HERE is the update. I am having a problem with the Question mark box. when you run into it, it is supposed to add a target box. but i dont see one anywhere. ya i know its probably something stupid, but, you know me.:stuck_out_tongue: