how do u find the eyez look??..(there for an alien type of thing :stuck_out_tongue: :eek:)


Errrr, wrong forum. They look cool, I guess.

its the right one…it say game engind–support–and discution which means i want support by asking if they look cool…?

wow… just wow…

Do you have any specific questions regarding the BGE?

Are you asking a question? You’ll have to explain what you want.

This has nothing to do with the BGE… those eyes have WAAAAAY too many vertices to be the GE. Go home and rethink your life… jk… but seriously…

may be he has a normal map on them? =/

wat the hell is going on…an wats BGE!!!

and wats normal map? and my quesiton was this simple…do you think they look cool or not??

i guess not…yes they look amazing

Yes, they look cool!

ok thank you…and what to u meen “moved”?

do you mean like finished with or u moved the thread somehow?

I’m getting the vibe you don’t post on forums that often, but yet and still…with 44 posts you should have at least read the rules. You posted a MODELING support forumquestion in the BLENDER GAME ENGINE support forum, hence all the questions regarding the BGE and the other than nice remarks some of the posters have posted, and its why OTO (a moderator) “moved” your thread to the right forum.

Any question regarding modeling belongs in the modeling forums, while any FUTURE questions you may have about the game engine would go in the blender game engine support forum.

As far as the eyes go. They look decent enough, however they appear a bit to black for my tastes…you could really get lost in those eyes lol.

Heck, I dont really think Support/modeling is the right forum anyway. It really shoulda been put in the directed criteuque forum

ok thank you and ill shut up now :stuck_out_tongue: