EZ Controls Rigging Add-on for Blender 2.8+

EZ Controls is a suite of rigging tools for Blender 2.8 + built by Alexander Mhiko McIvor. EZ controls is a rigging assistant that offers features dedicated to assist and automate the most repetitive and mundane aspects to rigging in Blender whilst also providing a flexible solution to adding IK-FK snapping to your custom rigs.

The add-on can be purchased on:
• BlenderMarket -https://blendermarket.com/products/ez-controls
• Gumroad - https://gumroad.com/l/mdgFy
• Cubebrush - http://cbr.sh/e1r2tx

Demonstration and Tutorial

A demonstration and overview can be found on my portfolio at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Ye8Km3

Key Features

  • Generation of duplicated bone chain with automatic renaming and bone constraints connecting original chain to duplicate chain

  • Constrain two existing bone chains to one another automatically

  • Connect the pose bone constraint influences of all bones in chain to a driver without the need to go into the driver’s editor, followed by copying driver to all necessary bones. Includes the option of inverting driver to go from 1 to 0 rather than 0 to 1 for IK-FK

  • Automatic generation of copy rotation pose constraints to all selected bones down a chain (useful for tails, fingers and tentacles)

  • Custom Control Shape Generator with 27-inbuilt Shapes

  • Automatic positioning of a shape to the center of a selected pose bone

  • Automatic assignment of shape as selected pose bone’s custom control shape

  • IK-FK snapping system for custom rig

  • IK-FK footroll set up for IK-FK snapping

  • Toggle all IK stretch options along a chosen IK chain for IK to FK snapping

  • Update addon to latest available version within Blender preferences

Getting Support

You can get support for tools by sending a message to the author on your blender market inbox or directly, to the address [email protected]


Two months ago, I uploaded EZ Controls. A rigging add on I made to give more control to those who want to rig their models manually without missing out on features that could be provided by an automated or professional solution. I haven’t gotten any complaints for it so far and it seems to be circulating well.

I’m currently working on a new addon and then I’ll work on updating EZ Controls so I thought I’d post a message in case any one has any feedback or requests for the addon that if feasible, I can work on for future updates