EZLattice Free/Plus 2.80: Deform and Reshape Models Quickly

Hi kkar, firstly thank u for this timesaver. unfortunately it doesnt worked long enough.
When i go on “EZLMenu -> New”, the lattice box/wire should be visible. After the installation everything works fine but during the modelling process at any moment it happen that the lattice box doesn´t work.
my solution up to now is to open a new file/copy/paste/and return.

Do you know what kind of problem this could be? Thx

It should work, there seems be an issue if you go ahead and manually clean up modifiers and the lattice yourself. The addon was written to handle all that.

Use “new” to add the lattice, and when done use “apply” (in the same menu) to apply the changes.

Please use the steps above in a totally new scene and let me know if it works. If it does not work, please try to get me a screen video so I can see what is going on. I use it in my work everyday without issues.

My guess is that at some point you removed the modifiers / lattices manually in that scene (which is why copy paste process works) and those residue values are causing the issue you have.

…as new use i´m not able to upload attachments…:frowning:

i tried it with a new cube inside the old scene, so no history on the object. i use “new” and nothing visible.
in a new scene the addon is working, so i codied everything and word on the new file but it happen again after some time.

i hope i can send you the video soon:)

Here I am demonstrating how to use it. I used it 3 times on the dino model without any issues.

If you still hagve any issues with it, please provide me scene file.

Also are you using the paid version or the free version? Which version of Blender/platform are you using? This is tested on 2.81 release.

what a lovely day:) thank you for you support. i made the update from 2.80 to 2.81. i hope this was the problem and never come back:P dankeschön

I want to make a new release soon, and I am considering adding a way to keep the modifier setup in the next version.

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FYI kkar – EZL has been working great on latest E-Cycles Blender 2.83.2. Thanks a bunch for making EZL play nice with newer builds. I’m sure this has been the case for a while, but I thought I would just take a minute and express gratitude now, if I didn’t do that before. It’s a great addon and I love having in my arsenal.

I am great to hear that. There are some areas in the add-on that I would like to rework and optimize so that is what my goal for the next release is.

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v1.36 is up wwith great new feature

  • [NEW] The new Keep mode will store/keep the existing EZL setup in the modifier stack as a regular Lattice modifier setup. The regular EZL setup is ephemeral only.

@norka, I quoted you in my product page. Let me know if you do not want to be quoted.