EZLattice Free/Plus 2.80: Deform and Reshape Models Quickly

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I have an issue where I can only create a EZLattice once in a single blend file. The second time i try to do this, there is only a apply option.

Using the free version of this on blender 2.9


That was how the free version was designed. I developed the paid version with more features after the free version. Basically the free version is a fully updated version of the original one I wrote in 2013.

You need to “apply” the existing lattice to create a new one.

Yeah, I did apply the lattice. But once I do that I can’t create any new lattice via EZLattice. The menu is stuck at ‘‘apply’’ rather than ‘‘new’’.

Do you apply it using EZLattice or do you directly apply it in the modifier panel? The right path is to use the addon’s own new/apply mechanism.

@kkar can you check guided align option? I cant to do it work right.

no enclosing all selection… lattice seem wrongly rotated

Hi there, i was trying your free version with blender 2.93 and it doesn’t work! I am getting this error message here:

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Can you tell me how you get that message? It will be helpful to know the exact steps you performed whic leads to this error.

The free version needs to be updated to the latest 2.93 API most likely.

@kkar can you help me with ezlattice plus guided align?

That sounds to be a bug with the angle detection. It seems like I will need to rewrite that part to handle all conditions.

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I bought pro! It is a good tool.
It’s a good tool, but it would be even better if it could support multiple selection of objects.

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It supports multiple objects in object mode. The multi object edit mode is in my plans.


I was just applying it to a cube and i got the error message but in 2.91 it is working!

2.92 版本不能使用


It works with 2.92 as far as I remember. What error message do you get when you try to use it?

好的 马上去购买 非常感谢

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There seems to be some new changes in the 3.x nighlites that are breaking this add-on (the apply stage). I will make a new release for the Plus version soon. Unfortunately the free version will need to wait awhile since it requires much more work to get it working in 3.0, and I can only do that after my current projects.