F-100 Super Sabre

After “stalling” out on my Cessna project due to lack of decent or even usable reference images, I’m on to the next project the F-100 Super Sabre. I have the the overall shape pretty well rounded out and have just started adding detail. Unlike my previous project I was able to find a lot of good references and that has made this project much easier. So far I am pleased with the result though I am somewhat apprehensive about texturing. Also still a bit unsure how much detail I will be adding or not in different places such as landing gear bays and in the cockpit

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Just a Quick wire-frame render.

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Looks like a good start, though your model appears to have some sharp creases (in the upper outside edges of the fuselage) which don’t show up on the plane. Also, I’m not convinced that the strange protrusion on the nose is as flat as it appears in your model.

Thanks J09, good eye on the nose ridge I hadn’t noticed the discrepancy before but I believe you are right about it being a bit too flat. Looking at this image,

it appears to be much more blended like you say but is somewhat flat in the middle so I will have to soften the edges a bit. I am currently fixing the mesh problems around the cockpit (creases, ect.) as they didn’t show up in my test renders.