F-15 Strike Eagle

Ok, I am starting a new project, and it is my first real model. It is a F-15 Strike Eagle. It is for my dad (24 yrs in the AF) and I want it to be great. I just started it so let me know what you think and if you have every modeled a jet let me know some tips.


Not much to crit on… you might want to read my sig… :slight_smile:

I’ll give some advice when you have more to show.

ya, it’s really difficult to tell what you have going on from the shot you put up, but it looks like it could be great :slight_smile:

Soter, looks like you may never become a monkey now o_0

I dont know how detailed you want to model the plane, but I suggest you download the references ones available at the following site (if you dont already have them):


good luck with it.

Thanks for the info tuinbels, I think I am going to switch to those blueprints, the ones I am using aren’t the same size at all. WHICH IS VERY BAD!