F!2 seems to lock me up or give a message

Today when I hit F12 which normally renders for me I get a message about
separating about or if in object mode it locks me up. What has happened?

Is this only in Blender 2.41?

Is it only with 1 file, or with all?

Can you post a screenshot of the error?


It is 2.41. It is not accually an error. It is just giving me a dialog box that reads:

All Loose Parts

What is getting me is that it is happening when I hit F12. It should not. I do not know how to remap keys or if it is even possible in blender. I do not want them remapped because then I could not take advantage of standard advice from you all.

It does seem to lock up if I hit F12 in object mode but if I then hit ESC I get back my cursor. Sorry if my first post was not clear.

Dagblast it… Now I feel like a knuckle head. I use a cordless kb and it has no lights on the kb itself… I checked the reciever and F-Lock was not on. Sorry for everything. Now what really has me upset is I have been using the icons all day to do renders when if I would have done what I should have as a tecnician and checked physical conections first I would have solved this problem in under 2 minutes, heck 15 seconds.

Hehehe, no worries.

Glad you got it sorted, and you’ll know next time!