F-22 project finished

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hey people…the F-22 project has been finished. it took more than a fortnight to accomplish this. the animation is of 1617 frames in 640*480 res.i am very eager to post this animation so that you can have a look at it. but i wonder how do i do that! any help?how do i hyperlink it?i am a very poor computer user.nor am i a great animator. actually i do not do much anims. i am solely a modeler. but for the sake of this project i ended up writing a few good python scripts aswell which includes rotaion of wheels due to accelaration and a couple of lighting and alpha scripts. i want you all to see the ani. but the big question…HOW DO I POST IT?

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Did you DivX it? that will make it MUCH smaller.

#2: You need webspace, someone will most likely host it for you, if not, I suggest Geocities, as everyone knows the work around for it. :slight_smile:

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Oh…and what size IS the animation?

and is the F-22 going to be released publicly?

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I was send you an e-mail with the FTP info.