F-Curve Actuator play_type

I thought I’d try them out and see what they do. I assumed either the flipper or the ping pong would play to the end frame, then “bounce back” (play in reverse back to frame 1) but neither seems to do that. I cant quite figure out what they do. And the documentation doesnt seem to say. Does anyone know what they do? I’m trying to get the functionality I mentioned above. How do you guy go about finding out what all the settings mean?


Edit: My Always Sensor wasnt in pulse mode. I got the ping pong type to work as I had assumed. I still dont know what the flipper or the property does though.

Flipper seams to mean:

When activated - play forward and stay at the end.

When deactivated: play backwards ans stay at the beginning.

Edit: Possibly You have to make a animation that go forth and back and then loop it

The Flipper plays so long the key is pressed the animation forward and backward after releasing the key.
The Ping Pong plays the animation after a short key press to the end frame. If the animation has reached the end frame a second key press plays the animaition backward.
With the Property you can set the frame with a property.

Oh I see. Thanks guys!