F-Curve Actuator problem (SOLVED)

Hey. I have a problem with trying to control another object’s F-Curve animation by clicking another object. On the attachment I have a simple “game menu”.

I tried to cross-link the logic so that when clicking button “Options” (menub3),
it would trigger “New Game” button’s animation (menub1).

It does work, however the problem is that it’ll trigger the animation no matter where on the game screen I click my mouse.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you for advance :slight_smile: If you need the blend file I’ll throw it when I get back on computer.


You could try this:

1: Change the “Or” controller into an “And” controller.
2: Add a Mouse sensor set to “mouseover” (this will fire only when the mouse is over your button object)
3: Make sure both the “mouseover” and “left button” sensors are connected to your “And” controller.

Because you will be using the “And” controller, the controller will only activate when both the “left button” And “mouseover” sensors are active. This should make the left click only register if your mouse is also over the button.

Thank you, it worked perfectly! I keep forgetting that the sensors are not bound alone to that specific objects :slight_smile: