F-curve center of transformation?

Is there a way I can define a center of transformation for F-curves, as you would mesh geometry? What I’m trying to do is slow down an entire animation sequence. So I could just scale all F-curves along the X, but I need the center of scaling to be frame 0 so that my animation still begins at frame 0 (I always start at frame 0 instead of 1, don’t mind that).

You can scale to the 2D Cursor.

  • View -> Show 2D Cursor, click it to the frame you want.
  • Change the pivot mode from Bounding Box to 2D Cursor
  • select all the keys then s to scale, and probably x to constrain.

Alternatively in the Dopesheet they scale to where the marker is (kinda hard to explain but if you mess with it it’ll make sense).

Thank you!