F-Curve Channel Filterer : Filter transform channels in the Graph Editor

I wanted a way to quickly isolate and switch between transform channels to make editing F-Curve more efficient, didn’t find any addon doing this so I made one. It uses Blender’s name filter for now (I will eventually make it so it uses the visibility property rather than the search bar to make it more versatile).

Edit : Well I just updated it to the visibility property way :v

After installing the addon, you can find it on the right tool shelf of the graph editor under Graph+, just click on the corresponding transform channel to isolate it and focus on it (now you can even shift->select serval channels).

Feel free to comment if you have any feedback, suggestions or if you find any similar (and maybe even better :v) addon!

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Very handy!
I always do the SHIFT + H / ALT + H but it’s not as fast.
One question: what if I want to reveal all the channels?

Thanks! Just discovered the shift + h thingy lol but yeah :v
Well I just updated it to the “visibility property” way and now there’s a reset button + you can Shift Select now : https://github.com/TarkanV/GraphChannelFilter/releases/tag/0.0.2

(or you could just click “x” on the search bar for the old version)

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That was quick :slight_smile:
Thanks, this is a useful add-on.

Oh and I made a new update cause it didn’t work with bones lol.
There’s also a problem with Quaternion and Axis Angles since those rotation modes use 4 axis rather than 3 for the other euler modes. You can still isolate all 4 rotation channels together but I don’t know if it’s necessary to adapt the code for each individual one since I don’t think anyone uses them independently anyway.

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Thanks for the update :+1: