F-Curve Draw curves

Is there a way to draw curves instead of adding one key at a time?
I want to do motion sketching

Enable Autokeyframe (on timeline header). Press Alt+A to play the timeline and do whatever you want to record in the 3d view.
In the Object properties under Motion Paths you can enable a display of the object motion in the 3d view. This does not allow you to edit the curve, that is done in the graph editor window

If you enable the Simplify Curves addon you can then minimise the number of keyframes in the graph editor to make further adjustments easier

Alternatively you could draw a grease pencil stroke (D), convert to a curve and set an object to follow that curve (follow path constraint)

Thanks Richard. What I was looking for a way to “draw” in the F-Curves editor itself. So eg I would do your workflow by auto keyframing. Then I go to the F-Curves and “Draw” say a vibration on one of the axis. This is what I do quite often in 3dsmax to add extra secondary or random motions to an existing F-Curve