F-Curves Doubt/Help

Hi. I am animating a Wind Turbine rotation (Using F-curve>Modifier>Cycles

I need to stop the rotation at certain parts in my scene and for that I am using “restrict frame range” inside the cycle modifier. By doing that I can manipulate the cycle modifier to stop at certain frames:

The starting frame of my restriction allows me to suspend the animation in the last pick and have the wind turbine start again at frame 275 and continue to 800 where I need to stop the cycle again.
I would like to continue the rotation after 850, but unfortunately I already used a START - END frame restriction.

Do you have a workaround where I could reactivate the cycle after my frame restriction ? If so I would highly appreciate your insights :slight_smile:
Thank you

Hey, I don’t know of any work around - the better way of accomplishing this is to create an action of ‘Wind Turbine rotation’ which would be one(almost) revolution that would be linear and use that in the NLA editor where you will have all the control you need.

Thank you ! I am not really familiarized with NLA. What I end up doing: Created the curves manually. They were quite simple. It could be nice to be able to pick more than one stop-start point in the F-Curves though.

Thank you for your fast reply

Your welcome, you should really look into it - for stuff like this its really the most effective and efficient way.