F-curves won't work

I’m using a 2.53.1 build by loopduplicate. In compositing, how do you plop down a control node? With 2.49, I could put one down by Ctrl + LMB, and that would control volume of a track.

Nodes are for compositing, audio is in the VSE.
To animate the audio level or indeed transparency for a dissolve (in vision) you enable the info panel of the strip (N key) scroll to the volume window, hover over with the mouse and press I key to add a keyframe (control node?). then add more where you like.
In the F-curve wwindow you will see the new control curve added for that value. You may have to zoom out (press home key to zoom to fit).

Uh, which key is that again? hover over with the mouse and press I key to add a keyframe (control node?). This is a lower case L:l, This is an upper case i: I, and here is the key you mention followed by the two letter I just mentioned: I lI Where are serifs when you need them? :o
Also, where is the volume window?

EDIT: Ha. Looks like the forum font has been updated since this post.

i key, sorry

I am working in 2.5x and when you select a strip you can turn on the information bar by pressing the n key. At the top it should say transparency etc. Scroll ddown that bar to find audio functions.

I don’t get it. All I see in the F-curve window is “show cursor,” and it just shows the location of the cursor. Maybe it’s because the version I’m using is a build FFMPEG and other stuff in it. I’m talking about the F-curve thing, and I’m trying to adjust curves on it. I can see the stuff on the strip like volume, etc. when it is selected, but there pretty much is nothing in the F-curve properties. Shift + i does nothing even when the strip is selected.

Yes I know what you mean. Its a PITA to add a point to the curve now, no more point and click. Instead you have to maneuver the cursor - its the intersecting horizontal and vertical lines in the f-curve editor. You Rclick to move it to the selected frame and then hit I and you can add a point ONLY if a channel is active (selected by clicking the check box on the left hand side. BUT the point you add is not where you clicked, nope can’t do that, it adds the point where the current f-curve intersects that frame. Next you have to grab it, constrain it to y axis and move it up or down. NEXT you have to adjust the handles. BIG waste of time and cumbersome as hell IMHO.

Agreed, you cant arbitrarily turn the required F curve on to view, even as a line to edit, until you add a keyframe. Then you have to resize and hunt the curve down! Very frustrating.

And the audio fcurve wasnt even working on some builds

Okay, that stuff still didn’t work. It’s easier to just show you what is going on. Here, watch this: http://livestre.am/lqcK. Help meh!

I think I figured out part of the puzzle to using F-curves. You don’t add a keyframe by RMB in the F-Curve window, you do it by RMB the attribute in the time line sequencer. It adds a keyframe where the cursor currently is in the F-curve window. But you can’t add it in directly into the F-curve window, no, that would be crazy.

Is there a way with 2.53 to mixdown audio to where it is just the audio mixed down into a single audio-only file like .wav or .mp3?

No, mixdown went away and may not ever come back. :frowning:

Is there a version that does support audio mixdown?

2.49 is the last that I know of

Perhaps it’s too late for help, perhaps not.
The new f-curve system (graph editor) is more appealing visually but it is also less transparent -at first. Unless you figure out the sequence of actions it will result in a big royal mess.
To make a long story short: right click the audio strip to select it, press N to activate the properties panel, then hover the volume field and press I. That will create a curve for that channel (audio) which might not be directly visible in the graph editor!!!
Then, switch to the graph editor window, press the Home key to auto zoom so as to view all curve points and using the middle mouse button navigate the area. Rearranging/resizing the windows so that you get more detail in the graph editor window might also help. In fact I highly recommend doing that.
Once you create a curve for anything, then if the channel is selected/active CTRL+click anywhere will create a new point and the rest is easy to figure out.

As a general note, I find the new graph editor system more troublesome to work with compared to the old 2.4x and this is indeed sad. If your sole focus is video editing, then controlling the audio (e.g. increase/decrease the volume, cross fade etc) might be a painful experience. I don’t really understand the reason behind these changes. I suspect that the new system might be great for animation purposes but, as it stands, it’s almost impossible for novices to work with.
Hope VSE gets some dev attention in the future.

For mixing down audio see the last post on this thread by yellow:

Good solution, but you need to kill the video render during this “mixdown” process. I would suggest maybe adding a color strip ontop of the video, just to eliminate the source rendering of each frame (it should be easier to render a solid color to each frame).

So the idea is to set the video codec to none, and then to choose the audio codec, and then just animate the frame range? Wouldn’t that end up rendering the default cube?

No, it will simply create an audio file.

Blender will still render that frame though, sure. So en empty scene is best. You just wont save all thaat video rendering. Seems like a long way to render a mixdown.

F-curve now much improved: curves for textures working now and an editable value window has been added to each curve channel! MUCH faster. Still no point and click input though.