F.E.A.R Combat free download! only multiplayer!

I thought this was pretty cool


just make sure that you put a D.O.B that makes you over 17, you give an email adress you then get sent a CD-Key and then you can download the game, its a fully legit download its not a trial or anything it is just that the single player part fo the game is removed, and only the multiplayer part of the game is playable, i have played it and it pretty cool!

its best to download using a .torrent its 1.8 GB download, and the link they give you on joinfear.com for the download is wierd because the download speed fluctuates wildy and it takes a long time to download it, and using a torrent you can pause it and turn off your computer,

where i didnt realise this at first and i started downloading it and left my computer on at night, and it got to about 80% and the computer went into standby. because somebody set it so that the computer goes into standby mode after 1 hour of inactivity. and to my dismay, when i took the computer out of standby the download had froze and would not allow me to download any more, and it was at 80%, which annoyed me, but i got it downloaded in the end, and its a very fun game, and its

100% LEGAL!