F-key -> can i connect more than 4 vertices at once

hey everyone,

i have another very silly question.

I love to connect vertices to each other. making triangles & quads is very easy. but today, i made a circle, and wanted to connect lots of its vertices to some other vertices, so i had to select 4 of them, and press F, and deselect all, and select another 4, etc… Thats fun for once, but gets boring when thers 34593485 of them… is there a way to connect lots of vertices at once?

i hope u understand what i mean

thank you :slight_smile:

Not really. Well, there is “Fill”, Shift+F.
But you’ll see that it does not give you a very clean topology, it works with triangles (you can try to use Alt+F after the Fill command, but it won’t make a big difference, in most cases…) and you should not rely on it. There are other ways though.
An idea to fill a circle is to select all vertices, extrude and scale down to size 0. Then remove doubles. This creates triangles but in a “better way” than fill.
Or you can select all, extrude and only scale on one axis to zero (and remove doubles), so that you get quad faces. What kind of faces you want depends on what you want to do with the circle…

So the answer is probably - the simple, automatic method does not work as good as manual methods to accomplish the same.