F/X cuastics test,

Here is my latest attempt at realism,

messin with caustics,
anyone know a way to fake volumetrics in blender?

I was trying to use blend on alpha diagonally…


Nice image - sorry can’t help you with your query.

What are caustics exactly, I’ve seen them, but could never actually work out what they are related to exactly, and didn’t Blender recently get a caustics upgrade?

Caustics has to do with refraction, like accurately making a magnifying glass in blender…
in this case it’s the way the light plays with the wine, and scatters,(exterior emitting scatter)

and volumetrics is where lights scatter as they continue through a volume(think of a flashlight in Fog) or shadows continue through a volume, (like rays/shadows in water)

nixed teapot and added Wine bottle, fixed lighting


still no help for volumetrics I see,
o wells,
Happy blending



Keep going, maybe someone will answer. I’d actually be happy to know about this stuff too.

You mean like this?



Cyborg Dragon posted an interesting approach here:

Im still having trouble, i was thinking particles but im not sure if they would iluminate/ shade right


is there a way to create a separate color Chanel for each ray? this vector to be used for a "if ray passes through material type scatter(halo), if passes through other side don’t scatter(no halo)???