F-Zero-type-hovercraft car

I’m not so sure what this is. It was made from i sketch I drew in class on Monday. A couple friends say it looks like a car off of F-Zero, but it’s may be in the eye of the beholder. The question is what to add to this. I need more, like headlights and interior. any pointers?

As they say, C&C welcome, so hit me up.

Your windsheild looks like chrome instead of glass, but I wouldn’t necessarily change it because for all we know it could be some kind of reflective coating for blocking out the sun. I would add some sort of foot step plate on the “wing” to climb in, and perhaps a fuel port. Also some vents would be nice toward the back, and perhaps some sort of “spoiler fins” would be good. F-Zero is definitely peaking through in this.

F-Zero GX is the sh*t, I tell you! I paid $20 for that game and have gotten about a thousand hours of playing time out of it so far. :smiley: (Incidentally, it was in the emblem editor that I first made my avatar :stuck_out_tongue: )

Huh? Oh, the pic, right. :smiley: It looks great, you just need some more details, like Desoto mentioned; some could be done with textures, though. Keep at it.


i wanna see a wire !!!

It wouldn’t be much to slap wheels on it and make it a pretty rockin roadster. At the very least, you need to put the ubiquitous blue neon glow underneath it. Keep goin with it… it looks good!

wheels? no! it’s a HOVERcar… thing…
yeah really does remind me of the F-Zero games. now I’m going to have to go look for the ROMS for those…
A cool scene would be a couple of these things racing along an F-Zero track!

Fins!!! No F-ZERO car would be complete without fins. You also need to make some cool lookin engines in the back, preferably glowing.


Well, here you go, Mr. Crazypants!


and i did some more work, but i can’t get how i can get ground effects to work in yafray using HDRI? and i’m sort of in a bind on the lights and engine stuff.

no, no! it isn’t a hovercraft (where’s the skirt!?) - it is a dragboat! add a keel and place it in a mirror placid lake and voila - instant cool! add a unreal glow from beneath it and then add F1 or F-Zero and there you go! nice - yafray right? HDRI?