Not up to par.

hmmm, pretty cool, but its not very dynamic. it doesnt scream “cool” at me. maybe some more dramatic lighting / setting?

It’s a single still from a future sequence of frames. How dramatic and dynamic can a chemistry lab get? How about dancing naked girls in lab coats with Yafrayed toasters in their hands, is that the kind of dynamic you are referring to? It’s for a piece of music that talks about medicine, it’s not for a mindless adolescent Shaggy or Busta Rhymes video with T&A’s and Ferraris.

dont forget the mutant zombie chemistry teachers

I was thinking about that. Thanks for the suggestion. :smiley:

Well, I think if you leave it this way it will become dynamic very soon. A heated closed appartus, hm. Had this once and I became very dynamic.
Anyway, a bit tweaking of the glass material and some stirring of the liquid in the flask and better light couldn’t harm.
Hm, dancing naked girls… %| Why not ?

That’s a liquid cooled condenser in the blue glass. It cools gas into a liquid. I’ve done this experiment many times before without any problems, and it turned liquid into gas and gas into a liquid. Ever hear of fractional distillation, that’s how you separate substance with different boiling points. It would be more dynamic in an open system with volatile fumes filling up the lab with an open flame ready to make it really dynamic. Maybe your teacher should have done his job and kept an eye on you. Besides, it’s just a picture, most people have ten second attention spans and most of this stuff goes unnoticed or is just taken for granted since their lives and eyeballs are constantly bombarded with visual fluff anyways. As for dancing girls, I’ll leave that to wannabe 3D stars who wanna make the next mindless adolescent Shaggy or BustaRhymes video. Thanks for your comments.

This could do with a Laboratory enviroment. Big workbenches, racks of chemicals, etc.

Very good as is,


Uuups, didn’t want to offend you.
Didn’t want to go into detail, but I do now.
What you have is an air cooled condenser connected to something what looks like a liquid cooled condenser but with the gas going where the cooling liquid should go (all your fractions will combine there again, and hardly drop into the flask) and no cooling.
Fractional distillation is normally made with a vertical Vigreux column, Brand Snyder column and stuff like this.
And for the teacher: No open flames (especially not if you distill something else than water), work in a hood, and never work with a closed apparatus.
That’s how one does it in this century.

Well, maybe next time you can do all the work for me, since you seem to have a grasp on things. Other than that, I haven’t really seen any of your stuff to make any comments on. Do you actually do things, or do you just talk ? Have you actually done anything in this century besides criticize?.

Well, I don’t know why there is a need for this style of conversation.
But if you like we can go this way, no problem.
For my works, indeed I posted not very much but some. I think three times in the WC lately.
For the lab stuff, I have some models I could share if you like



No, I’m not interested. I do this because I enjoy it, I have fun, and realistic enough to realize my lack of talent will never get me anywhere. I post stuff here for people to look at, get a laugh, and maybe get ideas of their own. If I wanted to create a perfect picture I would use a camera.

Sorry, sorry, sorry. Hope this won’t be misunderstood.

I’m sorry, No don’t worry about it. I’m spending too much time on this video. I’m losing my perspective, my cool, and I’m starting to get testy. Maybe it’s time for a break. Your arguments are valid, I just took it the wrong way. Sorry.

woah, sorry dude, i diddnt mean to offend, i just thought a cool setting with some nice lighting could be good, like sunlight streaming thru the window, or something. i dunno. its a cool render anyway.

What just happened here?