F1.07 (2007 F1 Challenge Entry + multiple views + wallpaper)

After a month in the making, here is my entry for the 2007 F1 Contest:

Pure Blender 2.43.

Some other views:

1 - Concept / design / attributes view:

2: 3D View in Blender

Some experimental wallpaper:



Nearly one thousand objects in this one!

Thank you for viewing my work, and best wishes to everyone entering this year’s F1 Challenge.


I absolutely love the design. The pilot’s pose in the picture is also excellent.

The main criticism I’d have is that the result is a little cluttered and unfocused, and I don’t find my eye easily drawn to the front pilot (IMHO the focus of the picture). Personally I’d tone down the saturation of the background to make the front F1 stand out better, and centre it a little more, maybe only 10% or so.

Very nice, however I can’t shake the feeling it could be better…


Dude, this is sooo Gallery! Good job, just awestruck here!

5 stars.

nice work! great color selection and awesome special effect stuff!
a perfect 5/5 stars :slight_smile:

Looks amazing! I can see your style in it too.
The ship looks very similar to the ones from the movie Minority report. Not really a problem I guess, just an observation. Imo the glow hides a lot of the nice detail, but again, just my opinion.
oh, and it also has that Tron flavor to it! Nice :slight_smile:

Great Job!



this is incredible. definately going to blow the competition away!

Wow …

Excellent work as usual RobertT.

One word: wow.

wow!! this is awesome!!!
5 stars

Simply great Robert, beautiful entry. You really captured the drama of the race.

Holy Cr*p dude thats amazing!!! :eek:

Not only that but it’s a very original design.

I think you might just have that competition in the bag… :eyebrowlift2:

What they said!!!:eek: :smiley:
Too bad the highest I can give it is 5 stars.

Thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:

The inspiration for my design was to incorporate elements of a bird (beak, wings, feathers) into something that could appear futuristic yet somewhat feasible while appearing to be capable of going very fast.

I literally started with a sketch of an “r” shape and continued from there =)

After some preliminary sketches I knew this was definitely not an F1 to have parked in a garage :wink:

Actionwise, this is a very tight and dangerous corner being turned, so tight the frontrunner nicked a couple of the lights up top he positions his craft and kicks it into overdrive to soar into the tunnel nicknamed “The Cannon.”

Must be some sight and sensation to come flying out of that at around 350MPH :eek:

I’d say this was probably my most exciting technically-oriented project to date. It took a lot, but I think it was worth it.


Great design and render, I can see why it took so long

One of your best imo RobertT. Excellent job and nice design. Works very well.

I tend to agree about the glow comments though. I find it a bit distracting and it does detract from some of the details.

Also, the lead F1 could maybe be positioned a bit turned, as in making a corner, rather than being straight up and down. Would tend to give the image a bit more feel of actual movement.


Wow, this looks lovely. I agree there should be some more focus on the vehicle; but the colors alone of this render astonished me.

Btw, sparks are curves?

Almost 1000 objects holy crap!:eek:

This could sell for thousands of dollars in the words of an art junky.

This one is sooo rad. Good to see you branching out from doing just nature, animals and people. Shows you really have talent!
I like the excitement and motion in this. Its so alive!
The post-pro effects really add to it to. And the reflection of the blue lights on the spaceship really completes it. As do the electrical sparks!

Fantastic work. If I had to point anything out it would be that it’s too blurry, and some of the colours clash. I’m not an expert on colours so I won’t try, but something just doesn’t sit right.

As always your unique style pulls through!
4.5 stars