F1 2005 ( update pg2 )

This is my F1, some of the pieces may look familiar, since it is my F1 from last time that I never finished. It will hopefully have some wicked curves on it by submission time.

Oh, it has definitley started. This is gonna be one great contest this time.

Nice to see you brought this one back. I was really liking this one last year.

Good luck and all, but get prepared to be crushed!! :stuck_out_tongue:


prepare to be vaporized!

abandon hope bgdm,bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah :o


here’s an update, how’s the green paint job? ( I’ll change the material on the cockpit region once i define it a bit more )

looks very cool so far
i like the detail in the back
orangish red would look cool to.
good luck

here’s another. the cowling is mostly finished.

another update. I will probably put it in a shop of some sort now. I might make some minor changes to the vehicle as i go, but it’s mostly done.
>edit< replaced image

The materials from the previous one looked much better.

I liked the chromium material much better.

I think I just overexposed it a bit, is this better?

looks great…

sheesh, it reminds me of how behind i am…

that is an open cockpit, right?


thanks, here’s some new paint,…can’t decide which i like better.

here’s an orange one as somebody suggested, i kind of like it.

I think I like this paint job,…I am going to stick with it,…also, i added hoses to the front end to bring it together a bit better with the rest of the car.

Looking great now.

Looking great Modron.

Not keen on the latest two-tone color scheme though- I like the earlier green model and think the blue one has potential if the colors were a bit stronger.

Be useful if you could give us some stats on this… How much do these things cost? Acceleration? Top speed? can it tow a caravan?

the orange and red is really nice

one thing i dont understand about the f1 contest is that people use their imagination to create some of the fastest looking cars around, hoses, pipes, fins, and then for the scene they place them in a garage?
i really really dont understand that?
a fast, blurred, race or street scene with this thing would rock.
please dont create this great fast machaine and then put it parked in some garage. kind of defeats the purpose?

ummm, well, it’s in a garage. I’m going to add some futuristic stuff.