F1 2007 entry

At last I am closing my WIP thread and posting my finished entry here before submitting it to the F1 challenge.

It is titled “The Encounter”

Programs used:

  • blender 2.43: modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering (internal render engine only)
  • gimp : textures
  • cinepaint: postprocessing (color balance, contrast)
  • lightzone: postprocessing (tone mapping)

Thank you for all the comments given in the WIP thread. As mentoined in the WIP thread this is my first project (I started using blender about 4 months ago and doing some tutorials and a lot of reading) and and it was a huge effort to get things done as I wanted them to be. I learned a lot and after all that was the purpose.

Hope you like it.


The crash dummy looks really nice. Good luck in the challenge!


Good thing that you learnt somthing. Makes the whole thing more fun! And it looks awsome btw. a Design i havent thought of!

Good idea!

looks good :slight_smile:
nice design and modelling and texturing :slight_smile:
goodluck in the competition

Composition loocks heavy maibe some perspective…

Nice concept:cool:

Do you mean the composition of the poster image or the image itself. I am quite limited in changing the perspective for the latter, since I do not want to overly distort the poster image, as this represents the challenge’s topic.
Originally I had a different setup for the final image but it had too much focus on the dummy so I decided to change it to the setup seen above. ( You may have a look at the WIP thread to see what I mean)

Glad you finnished it, i watched your WIP closely, hope you do well. :slight_smile:

Really nice! Cool crash dummy as well. He just finnishes it off.


Nicely done, loramel!

It looks like you learned a lot in the course of this project and had fun while you were at it :slight_smile:

Best of luck in the challenge, and keep up the good work!


Looks awsome, good luck!

Thanks to all for your kind replies, and there are really 4 stars !!! :smiley: … big thanks again.

Allthough this is in the ‘Finished Projects’ the actual submission to the challenge may have some minor adjustments ( again :o ).

So in the end you may have to look at CurtisS’ F1 page, to see the real finished project :wink:

I couldn’t resist :wink:

I just submitted my final image to CurtisS. Some modifications on the perspective of the poster image, and some adjustments to the colors.

There is now a link in the first post to the actual submission entry.