F1 2008 - Formula for Speed

Now that the competition has drawn to a close, I wish to share the finished result of my Formula One entry. And may the force be with everyone

HD version
Since the acceptance of turbine engines into the competition by Formula One racing’s governing body, the FIA, Formula One racing hasn’t been quite the same.

Project Demo Reel

damn thats purty :))

great work :slight_smile:

No words. Looks awesome. 5 stars.

most original point of view of all time.

Great composition, great lighting, great shaders, great modelling…great vfx. What else can you ask for! hehe

part of the top entries for sure! Good work!

Wow – this is an absolutely fabulous piece.

Come to think of it, how come this is getting so little attention? This is probably the the best F1 entry the contest has ever had. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that it’s almost too good – Very little to crit.

good work!

Great idea …Nice future vision of FIA lol
A like your FX post prod. Very very nice.

Very good modeling and composition. I like the effect too. Great work :smiley:

wowowowow NICE! That is the best F1 Ive ever seen. That looks awesome. Everything is so tense. This would be an awesome videogame.

Great work

What i like most about it is how you incorporated every part of the f1 into the image, the racer in front shows the back of the f1 the racer next to it shows the side and you can see the front of it in the mirror. 5 stars

beam you skillz into my brain

Very very nice work indeed, bravo! I love the slightly painted look you’ve got there. There’s something about the clouds though that stands out to me, perhaps all the detail and contrast in there takes my attention away from the F1, but really all in all, this is definitely one of the best entries. Well done!

PS. after watching that demo reel, I’d love to see this animated, even just one shot :wink:

Thats amazing :open_mouth: you got my vote, thats for sure. Only crit is that I think he should be preparing to turn LEFT and not try to skip in between cars at ~3-400 km/h just before a turn :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the best enteries I’ve seen done in annual F1 competition. Everything is just perfect.

Amazing job… not so sexy as mine entry… but still very nice :cool:

Amazing this should be in gallery
this deserves to be bumped

you mean it deserves to be bumped over 2 years?

Does anyone know the name of the PC game which may remind you of this piece? It looks similar to this image, you can do loop the loops and drive all over the place etc. Have been looking for it for ages.

yes .

trackmania nations… love that game. awesome detailed piece btw