F1 --- 2009

Getting a late start this year, but here is what I have so far. C&C always welcome.


I had this idea about the setting. These particular types of rock formations are known as “hoodoos”. Still need to tweak them a lot but it’s a start. Any C&C?


Add lots of details!

Thanks for your comment. There will be more details added as the car progressed. C&C always welcome.


Just a few extras added. The setting is inspired by the soon-to-be-produced action movie “Hoodoo Voodoo” (www.hoodoovoodofilm.com). Does anyone have any suggestions about any improvements? C&C always welcome.


Over all, I think the car is too big, thats just personal taste, its not as fun when you are that far off the ground, have you ever drove a semi? That being said, you have a nice scene it is very original, I think there is a lamp in the scene that needs shadows turned off, it is causing strange shading on the car (and a ghostly shadow coming straight at the camera) I would also turn on or up the ray mirror on the car, and possibly lower the lights and add more AO. Good Luck, see you on the track :wink:

Thanks for your comments Noobie. Yes, I have driven a semi (I still hold my class 1 driver’s licence). The car can actually lift on the wheels’ hydraulic system to raise up from the ground if required. There is only 1 sun lamp in the scene so there should not be any “mystery” shadows. If you are viewing on a LCD monitor shadows can appear if not looking straight on; that might be what you are seeing. I am still going to play around with the lighting a bit but I was trying to make it seem harsh and glaring. I had the wrong web address listed as well. It should be www.hoodoovoodoofilm.com. One “o” can make a difference. C&C always welcome.

The vultures are a nice touch.
Will there be a driver?
I look forward to posting this entry!



Sorry, Curtis. No driver this time. If you look on the ground just in front of the cockpit you will see his footprints. He is the one taking the picture. Thanks.