F1 animation

OK, I’ve been working on this for a few months, and considering i’m doing a development blog on it, I thought I’d post the link to it here, to save from re-posting stuff here. C&C welcome, and I still haven’t decided fully on what I’ll do, I’m just concentrating on the modelling for now. Enjoy!!

might be because bad lighting in my room, but I don’t really understand the day 15 [today’s?] pic. What is that blueish thing?

constructive comments: try to add some bump map on the ground and walls, they look too flat, real world is not that perfect. Also the colors and lights would need some tweaking.
Have you decided what renderer you’ll use for the animation? If you need ambient lighting… maybe some external [or yafray] will give you better result.

no, nothing finalised, and i will add bump map before final render. the blue thing is supposed to be a crappy glass door, which need some more work. lighting isnt final as well, just set up to give good light for picture. thanks

anyone have any hints on how to animate the movement of the F1 car? I want it to look as good as i can get it, but just wondering if theres any “proper” way

Hi, I think you should search strong visual pics of the FIA Formula One champiuonship universe…

I saw your car and I really think it needs work. It’s a good start.

Try to search information about the HTTT (High Tech Test Track in France.). On google Image you can find many things about that track which is one of the best track on this planet :yes:

Keep it up!

Hey, just thought i’d put up a pic of last year’s mclaren as maybe a bit of inspiration. i started a while back and never got around to finishing.
Good for you for animating it-i would never dare try animation.
Keep it up!
(p.s. i’m watching quali at Spa right now!:cool:)


whoah, thats a really great car, thanks for the support. how many vertices has that? thats just incredible. I think mine is really basic, not sure what id need to add to it.

Thanks! i think i have about 7000 vertices, although thats just counting half the car since its mirrored. I believe thats also about the same amount of hours it took me to make;). It looks like you’ve got the proportions of your car down, so i think you just need to start adding some more detail. Probably not too much detail if you’ll be animating it tho.

right, i need some opinions, i downloaded and installed yafray yesterday, and these are some pictures i just rendered, which one do you think looks better, blender internal or yafray??


right, guys, i really need some C&C, as im kind of stuck now on some things that dont look right