f1 austria

schumi’s on fire!, he actually got on fire, but won the race anyway. i think that in this race it has been proven that schumi is much better than barrichello, he was able to pass kimi while barrichello wasn’t. when is it that the mp/16or17 (new mclaren mercedes model) is coming out, i dont think it’ll be enough competitive

yea barrichello is not enough…well he is a very good pilot to catch up other racer but he can’t pass them…he seem to be afraid of touching the other car and loose the race…

anyway, can’t wait to see the new mclaren…I’m sure it will be enoug hcompetitive so raikkonen keep the lead!! muahahahahhaha

PS: This race gave me 52pts in my poll!! :smiley: that mean I’m 5point in front of my father now muahahahahhaha

baa! schumi rules! you know who are r really good racers, frenando alonso and jenson button, i still don’t understand why renault fired button, i’d shoot trulli not button, alonso had a bright beggining until yesterday

well buttun is not that good…it’s just that he have a very good car (BIG LAUGH!!!) lol

well I hate schumi…don’t know…I hate him…yes, he is good…but I don’t like how he drive, I prefer montoya (more aggressive) or raikonnen

I can’t belive that there scraping Austria and Spa.
Moscow and their middle east circuits better be good!!! [!] [!] [!] :< :< :< [!] [!] [!]

na! button races quite good, and renault is a vey good car, alonso has a renault and he’s able to win kimi and he has defeated coulthard. schumi’s the best, montoya is an animal, he kill’s all motors, i think he was to used to formula kart, in those cars you don’t need to care about the motor. he’s not agressive, he’s stupid. kimi’s better he runs better. montoya isn’t gonna do much this season. Spa was good, but austria’s boring, only schumi was able to pass another car

i regret what i said, kimi will be very competitive with the new mclaren, not as isn’t ight now, howeve he might represent a consideable poblem to schumi, a real pain in the arse, coulthard is dead

I agree, Montoya isn’t the brightest lightbulb in the pack…


hehe yea, montoya always burn his motors…anyway when he don,t burn them, he is a very aggresive pilot. And this is what I like. Barrichello is a fag…he is afraid of passsing another car…and what is race about??? WINNNING BY PASSING OTHER CARS!!!

i wouldn’t say Barrichelo is a fag, but he got no comparable skills with schumi. well i don’t think schumi has that concept in racing, he’s always far on front, so there’s no one to pass, but slowies. what the f*ck is going on with ralf?! barrichelo and kimi both passed him. button is great he’s tenth in the pilot championship, after both ferraries, mclaren’s, bmw’s, and alonso. he’s even before villenvue, a great racer with the same car, a BAR, i mean he’s the best on the middle part of the f1. he hasn’t got car for much more

sorry about this but i didn’t see it last week and only just got round to watching it now.
i thought it was going to be a repeat of brazil with the 2 abandoned starts and then schumi on fire a liked that bit as i don’t like me pain how he still won though. thank god kimi stayed a head of barachello though so that he stays 1’st in the championship
that’s enough rambeling on from me.
oh almost forgot kimi and mcclaren rule the end 8)

if i didn’t interpret what mr. scot said, i will have to correct him. kimi and ferrari are the top leaders. damn! it seems i’m the only tifossi here, please have mercy of me

sorry varag lots of typos in that and i was just saying that kimi and mclaren are the best and ferrari are *ankers :<

any way ferrari rules! schumi’s the best!

shut up! ferrari suck!

I hate them…I mean yes they havea great car, great pilot…but they make the f1 boring!!!

remember last year?? when they obligated barrichello to let schumi win?? lots of f1 fan stop watching it because it was becoming to much for the “money”…I mean even if schumi didn’t have win that fucking race, he would still have won the fucking championship at the end!!! so why let him pass and ruin the race of barrichello??? can you tell me that???

ferrari are a gang of moron…

true even i hated them for that, but just sit in jean todt’s seat for a while, u know the fact that schumi would have one more ace won was part of the strategy to demoralize the rest. however barrichelo made that manuver wrongly, he was given the order to slow down 7 laps, aprox, before the end, so it wouldn’t be that obvious. and yea i suffered from boringness last year. but anyway they rule! u know the good competence is always done from the fourth place to the 8, now. the intermedite group shows pretty good enterteinment.

well said x-warrior and now mclaren and kimi are first in the championships anyway :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: