f1 car

(emtilt) #1

Modeled in sPatch, rendered in blender. Part of it was made with a tutorial.
CLick for larger image.

Edit: I’m gonna texture it in blender.

(Alltaken) #2

tyou have set smooth set on for most of it.

this is not always a good idea for some things e.g the seat looks strange because of it.

and the central part of the wheels.

just a hint only put set smooth on for the nessesary parts. model with more details/curveing at the first stage. or use clarck subdivision for some parts of it.

othher than that the model is nice

(S68) #3

Actually rather than setting smooth part of your meshes it is a nice idea to set smooth ALL of the mesh and then push the ‘AutoSmooth’ button, which makes sharp any edge sharper than a given angle…


P.S. Too low poly here and there, IMHO