F1 challenge entry


nice start want to know something amazing i was going to do something almost identicle(sp?) strange lol dont worry i changed my concept :smiley:

I’m having trouble with uvmapping. I’m a beginner in that. What does pin do? I saw it in greybeards tutorial but I don’t know what’s the purpose of it. And can I use uvmapping for other type of textures too, like bumpmap and specularmap?

i think you should put more details into it before you worry about UV mapping it. great start, though.

I’m going to do some wings and stuff on it as separate objects and i’ll texture them separatly too.

An object on my scene is 130 polyes, I set subsurf to 3. When I UVmap it the smoother areas get blurry. I’d like to UVmap the subsurfed wire, how to do that?

You have to apply the subsurfacing to the mesh. Alt+C is the keystroke.

Thank you!