F1 Challenge Entry

An attempt to tell a story with only a still image and a title…



Am I successful?


no idea what the lady is doing and what that machine is without noticing the “F1 Challenge Entry” thread title. cool floor material but the lighting doesnt bring out the subject matter too well. you also seem to have antialiasing issues.
a different camera angle would help seeing what the machine looks like and maybe a differnet pose with different lighting would help bring out your message.
nice modeling and materials.

Yeah, I accept that “F1 challenge entry” is also a vital piece of info!

The rest of the crits… I’ll take on board for next time. The AA is as low as I can get. Rendered with CR at 2x size and still got that! I tried something a bit different this time, and am reasonably satisfied that this came out as intended - though if I intend to get away with no exposition of my intentions I may be a little short of the mark - note that I don’t believe the full story is immediately apparent, and a little more viewing is necessary to solve what this is about…


No exposition!

Thanks for the comment!

Rendre quality is good, but the camera angle and girl are not so great. I am also unsure what the shape of the racer is due to the camera angle.