F1 concept car

well started this f1 concept car today and designing as i go sort of thing and thinking of making it closed top. and need some crits,comments on it really before i get too far into it. i’ve attached the blend so you can have a proper look. the cylinders are just place holders.


a little update :smiley:


havnt had a chance to look at the .blend, but it seems good. I like the shape, very futuristic…and who knows, maybe in 20 years time this is how F1 cars will look :smiley:

yeah possibly :smiley: it’s not that far off today’s cars just a few changes and it looks totally different :smiley:


Some very nice curves there - kinda reminds me of the Red Bull X1 that Adrian Newey ‘designed’ for GT5.

Maybe tighten things up at the rear - the body pretty much tapers to nothing before the rear tyres finish, with just the diffuser & wing sticking out the back:


thanks moosebites it looks much better now :smiley: just had a look yeah pretty similar didn’t know about that one :smiley:


started to tackle the rear end i may end up redesigning it but started to work out the suspension and drive shafts it’s quite a puzzle :smiley: am using a image from a formula ford for the rear suspension basically the same but it’s steel tube not carbon


here’s the latest render, yes still alot to do, front suspenson needs doing and brakes and need to work out how the back end connects maybe somesort of gearbox or diff, and need to think how the front separates from the rest of the car. also anyone know any good pic’s of a v10 ill need to model that also.


looks good.

thanks Chuk_Chuk :smiley:
i just remodeled the rear wheels, have to copy and edit for the front wheels


Don’t forget to make the rear wheels wider than the front ones

I like the idea of it all.

i very much like that wireframe render, it shows some pretty fresh curves. Not a big fan of the glass cockpit (plus i think it’s a rule in F1 to have open cockpit?)

yeah there is a rule on it… the driver must be able to get out within five seconds without having to remove anything except seatbelts and steering wheel (which he must be able to refit within another five seconds). so think i could get rid of it…

EDIT, just got a new job so i just need to get used to the hours so i can make some time to continue this and i will! just because this has total freedom to do anything! i was even thinking the closed cockpit could stay and it could have a jet fighter style opening when the car crashes maybe :smiley:

little update, smoothed out the mesh as there were quite a few kinks in there and just playing with lighting and i think it may work for the final render but with softer shadows hmm. just trying to make the body flow alot more and got to figure out how the front end comes off.


Nice !
Lookin good !

thanks neblender, well here’s the plan for the front end…maybe separate a bit further forwards also got rid of the ugly way the wheel covers connected to the body.


Turning out to be a nice model.
Things I think need tweaking.

  1. Add more edge loops and crease a few parts, atm it looks too rounded everywhere.
  2. That cockpit window looks akward, I think it need to be made again to fit the body of the car.

Good workso far!

cheers,ill try to sharpen it up some it may involve some redesigning
as i feel that the back needs some more detailing like the front end :D, well i just cut the whole back end off to have a piece for the engine cover so it breaks it up a bit and i’ve cut off the nose now.


some more views…dreading the stage where i have to texture this I’ve only done guns lol so gives me more reason to break up the model some to make the task easier on me i hope XD